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Trademark Designer Kitchen Remodel or Renovation

The "standard" in kitchen remodeling.

This will be the single most upgrade you can do for your home and it must be done correctly to make your house worth more. You already know the particle board cabinets only last a few years, then it must be redone again.

You have a nice house but the kitchen is almost destroyed or it looks like it was out of an 80’s magazine. Have your cabinets, floor, and countertops replaced. Need more space? Need the wall between the kitchen, dining room and/or living room removed? Your choice, your decision for a custom kitchen with a combination of standard or stock cabinets.

Do you have a budget in mind? We can build to your budget. We can educate you and set you straight and keep you away from the errors in kitchen remodeling.

ACR Kitchen and Bath brings all the right professionals together so the job increases your homes' value and you get your money worth.

You have already learned that a guy that did your roof can't install a quality kitchen, there are just to many specialties and codes involved. At ACR, everything is handled in house from the design to the last detail on the final piece of matching trim. We even install all the appliances!

No one gives you more for the money than ACR.